Why Did I Switch To Beautycounter and Joined Their Movement

When I was in my 20s I developed benign fibroadenomas in my breast tissue. Until today, these are unexplained by doctors but many believe that changes in estrogen affect these the most. I worked with a nutritionist to clean up my diet and we excluded anything that was potentially carcinogen or anything that would disrupt my hormones. She taught me what I needed to eat (she highlighted the importance of organic and hormone free food), she said not to use foil or plastic containers due to toxicity and gave me supplements to take. One thing we did not talk about was cosmetics I was using which now I know that should have been included in her recommendation.  Read More

4th of July Good Eats & New Recipes

Holidays can be hectic whether you are hosting a party or going somewhere. If you are hosting a party you may be trying to decide what to make to make everyone happy. Vegetarian cousin stopping by? Of course you need to cater to them. Nuts allergies? Yes, you have to think about that as well! Someone doesn't eat red meat? Well, you definitely need to cover that ground as well. Your fit friend is coming who is gluten intolerant and you are thinking about making burgers? And the list goes on and on. So stressful, I know! While you don't need to go crazy and have 15 different dishes it is important to think about your guests and have at least 2 things per person so they can have a complete meal. Think about having the following: 1 meat dish, 1 vegetarian dish, salad and dessert. Here are my picks for this year's 4th of July celebration you guest will remember! Read More

What's in Your Protein Bar?

There are so many protein/energy bars available on the market today. Companies use great marketing techniques to draw the people in to buy them. “All Natural”, “Pure”, “Thin”,” Perfect”,” Pro”, “Balance” are just some of the words that are commonly found on the packaging and most people associate these words with health and good nutrition. Unfortunately, those words do not mean anything at all. Read More

The Power Of Superfoods

Foods that are nutrient dense, highly concentrated and very potent are considered to be Superfoods. Goji, Acai & Camu Berries, Cacao, Maca, Chlorella & Spirulina, Hemp, Chia & Flax seeds are some of the superfoods that are most talked about. Some others include medicinal mushrooms such as Chaga & Reishi,  Bee products (pollen, propolis and honey) and Sea vegetables (Nori, Kelp). The superfoods are very high in antioxidants which our body needs to fight the free radicals and stay healthy. And guess which of these foods is the #1 source of antioxidants? Cacao! So should you add some nice dark chocolate to your diet? Absolutely! Read More

Eat More Honey 

According to Medical Daily and WebMD there are many benefits of honey among which the ones below are the most talked about: antioxidant, anti bacterial and anti fungal- (great for treating acne or dry itchy skin even dandruff!), anti-inflammatory Read More

How Many Times Have You Heard "Eat More Fiber"?

I always thought I had a “perfect diet”. We eat a lot of protein, mainly “good” carbs and lots of vegetables. I would say our diet is pretty clean 80% of the time. Both my husband and I lift weights and are very active so naturally I tend to make a lot of protein based meals. We also make sure when we do eat fat, it is the “good” fat (avocados, nuts, nut butters, fish oils etc.). As far as carbohydrates (starches), we try and eat mainly brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat pasta and sweet potatoes. I took Intro to Nutrition class last summer and one of our first assignments was to do dietary analysis.  I downloaded the Lose It app and tracked everything I ate for a week. My, so I thought, “perfect diet” was not so perfect after all. Read More

Mediterranean Diet For A Week

Mediterranean diet is not really not a "diet,"  it is a life long lifestyle change. Following this diet will not make you loose the weight quickly but the weight loss and benefits of eating this way would bloom over time. Longer life, healthier looking skin, reduced risks of many diseases are just some of the benefits that you could potentially enjoy if you follow this type of diet. What I love about Mediterranean diet is that it focuses on what we should be eating vs what we should not be eating. Read More

Spiralizer -New way to eat more vegetables

One of my favorite stores that I like to go to is William Sonoma. Since I love cooking, I like to explore around the store to see if there are any new gadgets, small appliances or any new cooking tools that I could add to my kitchen. During one of these walks, I saw Paderno Spiralizer. They had it displayed in the store and the sales associates were giving demonstrations. I loved it right away and I knew it was going to become my best friend. Or at least for a little while! Read More

Simple dinner, great dinner

Cooking healthy meals for your family can be very easy and it does not have to be time consuming if you play your cards right. The most important thing is to think the meals thru and be prepared. I usually think 3 days ahead when it comes to our family meals, my husband's work food (we do meal preps for him) and kids lunch boxes. Read More

Meal Preparation For The Days Ahead

I think we can all agree that one of the worst things is when you open your fridge and you feel like there is nothing there. And you just went grocery shopping! Having food in the fridge does not really help unless you make a plan as to how you will use the items bought. It happened too many times that I had ton of lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, raw chicken, hummus, eggs etc and I would close to fridge because "there was nothing there". Meaning, there was nothing that was readily available. Read More