Sriracha Glazed Wings

Prep Time

3 min

Prep Notes

Sriracha is one of my favorite spicy sauces and I decided to pair it with one of the biggest party crowed pleasers - chicken wings! And since the big game is on this weekend, I figured it would be a perfect time to share.

As a healthier alternative to fried wings, these wings are baked and they are perfectly crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside!

Cooking Time





For the glaze combine:

1/4 cup of Sriracha

1 Tbs of Mirin (sweet Japanese cooking wine)

2 tsp of raw honey

1 Dozen chicken Wings

Pink salt

Garlic powder

Olive oil


Wash the wings and pat them dry with the paper towel.

Sprinkle some salt, garlic powder and toss in olive oil.

Bake the wings at 400f for 25 min. Take them out, glaze them and bake for another 5 min. Repeat 3 times. You may put the wings on broil for the last 3 minutes if you like them to be well done. 

Cool the wings on the cooking rack so they stay crisp.

I served the wings with some greek yogurt and celery which counter balanced the spiciness perfectly!


You may use the same glaze for the SALMON! The process is just bit different:

Glaze the salmon fillet and bake at 400f for 5 min. Glaze again and bake for another 5. Repeat the process 1-2 more times. When you glaze it the last time, you can sprinkle some sesame seeds.