Shrimp “fried rice”

Prep Time


Prep Notes

This is a wonderful and easy weeknight dish that will leave you happy and satisfied without slaving in the kitchen for hours. Sounds good right? You are going to love this one!

Cooking Time

25 min


4-6 servings


2 lbs of uncooked shrimp

1/2 tsp of red paprika 

1/2 tsp of garlic powder

1/2 tsp of pink salt

1/2 tsp of oregano

4 cups of riced cauliflower (I used frozen organic cauli from Costco)

2 cups of mixed frozen veggies (I used corn, carrots, string beans, peas)

1 medium red onion

1/2 tsp of pink salt (you may need more)

1/2 tsp of thyme

Black pepper 

1 large cage free organic egg 

Olive oil


Add garlic powder, pink salt, oregano and paprika and about 2 tbs of olive oil to shrimp and marinate for about 15 min. Place the shrimp on the cookie sheet and bake it at 425F convect setting for about 10 min or so. The shrimp will become pink. Set Aside; Cook’s tip: The shrimp should be slightly undercooked because you will be adding it to the cauli rice for couple minutes as well; 

Warm up some olive oil in a pan (about 3 tbs) and add red onion (finely chopped). Add veggies next and mix. Let it cook for few minutes without stirring (do not cover because the veggies will let too much water out and it will become mushy). After about 3 min, stir once, and add spices (pink salt, thyme and black pepper). Total cooking time should be around 15 min or so. Veggies should be tender and cauli rice light and fluffy (no soggy and mushy); stir only when needed, when you feel like it will burn (the less is more!); This will actually caramelize the cauli and make it really seem like the original fried rice.

Add shrimp to the “fried rice” and cook for another 2 min so that the flavors marinate. At this point you may taste it and add little more salt if needed; also, if you love the taste of thyme like I do, you can add some more; and if you have some fresh thyme that’s even more wonderful!

As a final step, add one egg and stir. Remove from heat and serve while warm!


This dish is wonderful to be reheated the next day and is also great as a meal prep item. If you like to make a vegetarian version, simply omit the shrimp and I promise you it’s just as delicious!