Cauliflower Fried Rice

Prep Notes

One of my guilty pleasures is fried rice and I finally found a way to enjoy it on regular basis. Endless bowls of fried rice anyone? Here is a simple way to make this yummy dish at the fraction of the calories!




2 eggs ( scrambled and cooked)

2 cups of shredded cauliflower (mince in food processor or buy riced already)

½ green pepper

1/2 red peppers

3 scallions

4 garlic cloves

2tbs of coconut aminos (plus more to taste)

½ tsp of pink salt (plus more to taste)

Sesame oil


Cook the eggs (scramble) and set them aside.Sauté all the vegetables except for the cauliflower for about 3 minutes. Add riced cauliflower and seasonings and cook until cauliflower and vegetables are tender. Add the eggs and mix until combined.


You can have this dish as a meal with a side salad or you can add some black beans or meat protein to it. The very first time I made it, I had it with grilled chicken and sweet potatoes on the side and it was delicious!